Research by Milieu Centraal shows that over two-thirds of cars in the Netherlands are driving with low tire pressure. Motorists have various reasons for not regularly inflating their tires. Half of the "non-inflators" indicate that the garage does it for them (51%) or simply don't think about it (50%). Additionally, more than a third (41%) admit to not knowing the correct tire pressure. To assist these motorists, we developed the web application in collaboration with tire manufacturer Apollo Vredestein for the program Kies de Beste Band.

Easily check the correct tire pressure

At, you can easily check the correct tire pressure for your car. Simply enter your car's license plate and select the appropriate tire size. The application matches the data from the RDW (Dutch Vehicle Authority) with the tire pressure information database from Apollo Vredestein. It then displays the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle. The website also offers an agenda alert, providing a reminder every two months to check your tires and inflate them if necessary.

Significant impact

Whether you drive a lot or a little, tires naturally lose about 0.1 - 0.2 bar of pressure per month. Low tire pressure leads to increased fuel consumption, longer braking distances, more noise, and faster tire wear. Therefore, it is important to check your tires every two months and inflate them as needed. This way, you can drive safer, more fuel-efficient, cleaner, and quieter.