Our main goal is that an accessible Hague becomes a matter of course for everyone

For about one in four people, daily activities are more difficult than average. This may be due to a physical, sensory, or mental disability. Or due to a temporary impairment, such as after an accident or surgery. Anyone may face an impairment. That is why everyone benefits from a city that is easily accessible.

All established organizations in The Hague can join by supporting the principles of the alliance. We involve members in our approach through various channels and offer them an array of tools to get started within their own organizations. In recent years, the number of members has grown, and the message is reaching more and more organizations. There is still room for improvement, but we see that there is growing awareness.

Raising awareness moves things forward

Last year we have been actively organizing workshops for organizations and companies in the city. The purpose of these meetings is to inspire each other and to discuss how we can work together. We focus on physical, social, and digital accessibility within our own organizations and in the city. In an approachable and interactive way, we explain why accessibility is important for everyone, share practical information and tips, and together take the initiative for improvements in our immediate surroundings. For example, several organizations have already taken steps to make their websites more digitally accessible.