Climate change is an urgent challenge that requires immediate action. Together with our customers, we draw up a concrete roadmap to get in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. In doing so, we support them in the journey towards Net Zero. We advise on how to prevent and limit greenhouse gas emissions and compensate any residual emissions. From drawing up climate objectives, carrying out CO2 comparisons and providing strategic and technical advice, to communicating progress. Together, we work to accelerate a sustainable future and a world with a positive climate impact.

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What we offer

Net zero climate strategy

We support the development of a concrete and science-based climate strategy in line with the GHG protocol and/or SBTi.

Interpreting sustainability data

We interpret various sustainability and climate information from the agrifood sector to determine the quality of the analysis and the consequences of business and policy.

Climate targets

We assist in drafting sustainability and climate targets that are in line with laws and regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporing Directive or frameworks such as Science Based Targets Initiative.

Mitigation opportunities

We advise the agrifood sector on possible mitigation measures that can be taken at crop, company and chain level to achieve climate targets.

Sustainability communication

It is important to communicate transparently about progress on your sustainability message. We help to do this convincingly and inspiringly with varied means, such as a sustainability report.

Claims legislation

We are up-to-date on the latest developments in claims legislation relating to sustainability and climate and provide concrete advice on this.

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