About us

Organisational structure

Healthy world cooperation

Schuttelaar & Partners is an operating company of Healthy World Cooperation U.A., founded in 2010. This cooperative operates as a holding company, i.e. as director and joint shareholder. The ten partners of Schuttelaar & Partners manage the cooperative.

They have committed themselves to the Healthy World Cooperation for a long period. The articles of association stipulate that the social goals are paramount and that the cooperative simply cannot be sold. The management of the Schuttelaar & Partners agency has been delegated to some of the members.

For a broader group of employees there is a certificate scheme to strengthen the bond and to benefit from the returns.

An independent Advisory Board advises the Board three times a year on the progress and dilemmas of the firm. This board consists of seven renowned professionals in various fields of activity of Schuttelaar & Partners.

Advisory board

In order to brainstorm about the course of the organization and to monitor it as well, we rely on our Advisory Board. Its members consist of various experts in the areas where we are active. Three times a year we discuss our progress and dilemmas with these experts.

Arnoud Versprille

Jolinde van Dijk

Kees de Gooijer

Koert van Ittersum

Alida Oppers

Harry Brouwer

Certificate holders

Schuttelaar & Partners encourages employees to participate financially in the company. Colleagues who have been employed for a longer period of time are offered the opportunity to become certificate holders of Schuttelaar & Partners. Every quarter, they discuss the policy and financial status of Schuttelaar & Partners with a representation of the partners.

Onze employees

The employees of Schuttelaar & Partners come from all sectors of society, such as business, government, civil society and science. The background is therefore diverse. What connects us is the passion to realize a sustainable and healthy world together.

Our unique mix of driven consultants and communication experts enables us to put together a tailor-made team for each project.