Managing Partner

Suzanne van der Pijll

As Managing Partner of Schuttelaar & Partners, I have been advising companies and organisations in the transition to a sustainable and healthy world for more than 25 years. I see a huge need to shift gears much faster. If we want to feed the 7 billion people in this world decently, a different diet is necessary. More plant-based, more local and unpackaged.

About Suzanne

I use my knowledge and years of experience for many clients, both in the profit and the non-profit sector. For example, I have been supporting PLUS in the implementation of their CSR policy for a number of years now. For more than 7 years in a row named 'The Most Responsible Supermarket'. In addition to knowledge and passion for retail and consumer trends, I help various companies with their positioning and long-term strategy. Often in the field of sustainable production, combating food waste and promoting sustainable packaging. I am also a board member at various agri-food organizations whose mission it is to make the world healthier and more sustainable, for example the Smart Food Alliance and the North Sea Fish Foundation from Scheveningen.