Many innovations 

As Schuttelaar & Partners, we support Hessing intheir communication to customers and employees. In addition, we offer strategic advice on sustainability. For example, there are now three production locations with the quality label “On the way to PlanetProof”. The products are grown sustainably, without adverse effects on soil, air, and biodiversity. Packaging is also a focal point. For example, Hessing no longer packs their sliced onion in plastic containers, but in thin plastic bags. This results in significant plastic savings; this is just one of many innovations in packaging.  

Starting in 2023, Hessing will produce much of their products at their new production site Hessing Greenport Venlo. This is a sustainable factory located in the middle of the largest horticultural areas in the Netherlands. The factory creates shorter routes whichcontributes to fewer emissions. The factory also uses less water and has 11,988 solar panels on its roof.  

Common goal 

With a team of dedicated consultants and designers, we work on various activities for Hessing, from customer mailings to packaging advice and strategic positioning support. Hessing and S&P have the common goal of increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables to promote public health and care for the environment in the Netherlands.