Goals for 2025 

As the Most Responsible Supermarket in the Netherlands, PLUS is continuously taking steps towards a better environment. One of these steps is the renewed packaging policy. Schuttelaar & Partners' expertise served as the cornerstone for this ambitious policy. 

With this packaging policy, PLUS aims to reduce, renew, and recycle packaging. There are four central objectives to be achieved by 2025: 

  • 20% reduction in packaging 

  • Renewability wherever possible 

  • 95% recyclability 

  • 50% recycled material in plastic packaging 

Over the past years, PLUS has already taken several steps to make the packaging on their shelves more sustainable. These steps are clearly visible in their stores. For example, PLUS has stopped using double lids on grape, mushroom, and tapas packaging, replacing thick plastic lids with foil. This change has saved 70,000 kilograms of plastic. Free plastic or paper bags have been replaced with reusable bags available at a small fee. Additionally, PLUS no longer uses materials such as PVC, PLA, PS, black plastic, and aluminum layers due to their poor recyclability. 

Interested in learning more about the steps PLUS is taking? Take a look at their annual report of 2022