Working together for a healthy youth

Following the national meeting NL Vitaal 'Together for healthy youth', we organised regional meetings in various municipalities. Here we provided concrete agreements at the local level, in order to create support, awareness, and action perspective.

International research

As a leader in its field, JOGG strives for international involvement. Our first international study analysed health policies, available programmes and neighbourhood-based initiatives in selected countries and regions. In the second study, we identified and evaluated international organisations and networks relevant to JOGG's global partnership strategy.

JOGG intends to use the results of the two studies to boost international cooperation and knowledge exchange and strengthen their international online platform:

The JOGG approach is working

There are currently 144 municipalities in the Netherlands using the successful JOGG approach, with over 20 having seen a decrease in youth obesity. In total, 1,060,406 children were reached in 2018 alone.