Managing Partner

Edwin Hecker

Good health and a "healthy" health sector is an important basic condition in every society. It sounds logical but is not yet a matter of course. My drive is to connect stakeholders in the Life Sciences and Healthy Living sector in finding a joint new strategy that better meets the wishes of the future. With more than 30 years of experience in strategically complex projects in the Netherlands and Europe, I am happy to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable society!

About Edwin

As a Managing Partner, I am responsible for Life Sciences & Health Living and S&P International office (Brussels). Next to that I am involved in strategic and complex projects within S&P, like the societal debat in the Netherlands to improve the system for orphan drugs, improve a healthier way of living, or what about the future of vaccinations? Working for the Government I built experience at the European level in Working Groups of the Council and European Commission and was appointed  at Global level for six year as chairman of one of the Codex Alimentarius Committees. 

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