Dont' let my dreams go up in smoke

The goal of the campaign is to activate health care providers - from maternity nurses to gynecologists - to provide effective stop-smoking care to (expectant) parents. In the campaign, children make a tough demand: "Don't let my dreams go up in smoke". To capitalize on caregivers' sense of responsibility, then call for action: 'Get a smoke-free start' and refer to    

Campaign for a smoke-free start

Through social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, the campaign highlights the health damage of smoking in (unborn) children, the persistence of tobacco addiction, and what role healthcare providers can take in preventing it.

Practical tips, explained 

As part of the campaign, we created three videos explaining the health risks of smoking during pregnancy and sharing practical tips from experts. Through these videos, healthcare professionals learn to understand why quitting is difficult and how tobacco addiction works. We've created the storyboard, including illustrations and animations to make the message visually appealing. In addition, we supervised the shooting in the studio, resulting in a productive and enjoyable collaboration with our client.

Congress "From Dreaming to Doing"

To inform, inspire and advise health care providers involved in pregnancy, the Taskforce Smoke-Free Start organized the congress: from dreaming to doing. We supported the Trimbos Institute by organizing social media workshops for health care providers to empower them as ambassadors of the campaign. During the conference, we resfreshed social media knowledge and in a follow-up workshop we discussed tips and tricks that caregivers could apply to help empower the campaign. This way they could not only dream of a smoke-free start, but do it right away!  

As a company with a mission, we are proud of our role in this important social issue. Visit or LinkedIn for more information and campaign announcements.