Positive approach

We developed the safari concept: six animals, each with its own vitality theme. A health provider is linked to an animal, thus forming the connection between the health provider and the visitor. Each health provider does either a health check, an activity or hands out information. The giraffe, for exampleis the "food and drink animal. Here a visitor of the Safari Fit Festival can have a glucose test done and receive appropriate advice. In this way , the participant becomes more aware of his or her vitality in an approachable and positive manner and valuable contact is created between the health provider and their target audience.

Collaboration with healthcare partners

Together with health partners from an area, we fleshed out the safari. Through roundtable discussions, which are organised prior to the Safari Fitfestivals , we ensured strong cooperation. An energetic network is created with which we work together for the wellfare of the Rotterdam 55+ population. The goal of the municipality is to expand the Safari Fit Festival 55+ to 14 areas, forming 14 collaborative health networks in each.

Watch an impression of the last edition here (2022).