Basic principles of packaging policy 

The packaging policy focuses on three principles, starting with the minimisation of packaging material. The second principle is that PLUS prefers to utilise renewable material for their packaging. And the third premise is that all packaging is easily recyclable within the current collection, sorting and recycling systems and where possible is made of recycled material.  

The packaging policy has been reviewed by the Netherlands Institute for Sustainable Packaging (KIDV). In addition, PLUS removed all black plastic packaging from its assortment in 2018-2019. Packaging made of black plastic is not recognised in sorting systems and for this reason cannot be recycled. 

Involving suppliers 

The packaging policy includes updated logos and goals for 2025, such as 20% less packaging material and where possible renewable and 95% recyclable packaging. Also, with this policy PLUS clearly indicates to all their suppliers which packaging materials are desirable, and which are less so. To emphasise this, we made a clear schedule for all their suppliers in collaboration with PLUS.