Managing Partner

Harry Kager

I am managing partner sustainable agriculture. On the one hand I experience the beautiful aspects of Dutch agriculture, but on the other hand one must see the challenges. Me personally, but certainly also our team of experts on different parts and topics in agriculture, have the personal drive and knowledge to help our clients to make a difference. To solve problems and to meet challenges. We help our clients using our practical knowledge on agriculture and sustainability issues, broad knowledge of stakeholders and stakeholder management while we remain result-orientated.

About Harry

I have a broad experience in Dutch agriculture, cross border projects, policy making and European affairs in the field of agriculture. Specialised in sustainable themes as climate and energy, manure policy, biodiversity, fauna and new types of multifunctional agriculture. I studied environmental and agricultural economics in Wageningen and Norway. MY knowledge of agriculture and its stakeholders started from young age, was helped by past jobs for Campina and Dutch farmer organisations. However stakeholder knowledge took flight from 2018 onwards when I started working for Schuttelaar & Partners helping clients in the agrifood-sector.