Press event

We organised CoolRail's press event at the connection's departure point in Rotterdam. The CoolRail was officially launched during this event. We took care of the press approach for this event and pitched the introduction of CoolRail. Both trade and national media found our story intriguing and came to the press event. There they had the opportunity to shoot footage of the CoolRail's departure for Valencia and to interview the CEOs of the participating parties.  

CoolRail: a hot topic

Thanks to our PR offensive, we managed to be prominently featured in the national titles Trouw, De Volkskrant, De Telegraaf and Algemeen Dagblad. There was also attention for CoolRail in regional newspapers, on social media, in foreign (trade) media, the NOS and the NOS youth news devoted an item to CoolRail and the news was on the front page of the NOS app. Also, RTL Nieuws and RTL Z picked up the message well. The total media value of this successful press event was almost €300,000.