Biodiversity recovery

Biodiversity does not recover by itself. It requires a joint approach from farmers, land managers, businesses, citizens, researchers, nature organisations and government authorities. Efforts to restore biodiversity will have to be made in various areas: increasing public awareness of the importance of biodiversity, appropriate rewards for farmers and other landowners who generate more biodiversity, a coherent legal framework that stimulates biodiversity, area-specific cooperation, etc,

accelerating innovations and the adequate measurement and monitoring of biodiversity performance and impact. We are active in all these areas to contribute to biodiversity restoration.

Creating impact?

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What we offer


We advise companies, governments and other organizations on how they can make a practical contribution to greater biodiversity


We organize inspiration and dialogue sessions on best practices for biodiversity restoration and campaigns for awareness and activation.


We advise on cooperation at area level and in the chain to achieve concrete biodiversity goals in practice.

Earning power

We help to develop new earning models for biodiversity entrepreneurship.

Knowledge development

We facilitate the development and rollout of knowledge and innovation agendas for biodiversity for various sectors.


We are developing Critical Performance Indicators (KPIs) for biodiversity that can be used in monitoring programs and policy evaluations for biodiversity restoration.

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