Bringing together tools and practical examples

The Toolbox consolidates knowledge, tools, and practical examples related to biodiversity restoration. It includes tools and examples for themes such as profit models, area-specific collaboration, and monitoring. Furthermore, resources are available on how various companies and organisations can individually contribute to enhancing biodiversity on their own premises.

Launch and follow-up

The launch of the Biodiversity Toolbox took place in April 2022. Prior to the launch, the toolbox was filled with numerous practical examples, publications, and tools. This information is categorised into four different themes: practical approaches to increasing biodiversity, profit models, area-specific collaboration, and monitoring.

Following the launch, LIFE IP All4Biodiversity organised a webinar about the toolbox. This webinar was hosted by Green Knowledge Network, the same platform where the toolbox itself is housed. The webinar focused on the background, utilisation, and information within the toolbox. During the webinar, all participants and partners of the Deltaplan Biodiversity Restoration and LIFE IP All4Biodiversity were encouraged to contribute to the toolbox.

Subsequently, the toolbox became increasingly filled with information. The profit models theme expanded, and we were able to showcase numerous practical examples to online visitors of the toolbox. We also conducted an interview with an agroforestry company, which drew many people to the toolbox. From that point, we started adding interviews to the toolbox as well.

A workshop about the toolbox was developed and presented at a LIFE IP All4Biodiversity event. Based on workshop feedback, a plan was devised to make the toolbox more user-friendly in 2023.