Senior Consultant

Marlijn Henskens

I am the child of two biologists and have always been fascinated by nature. After studying animal husbandry and animal science, I started working on sustainability for Friesland Campina. This work further fuelled my drive to work towards a more sustainable agricultural system, not just for the dairy sector. I believe that we have all the tools and knowledge we need to feed everyone and keep our world healthy, we just need to make the right connections.

About Marlijn

And that is what I get to do, connect clients with the right people, technology and knowledge. I love delving into a complex problem and coming up with out-of-the-box solutions. Or helping clients successfully execute a plan by being project manager or by helping with communication and strategy, always with the goal of making the world a little better and more beautiful. That's why I started working for Schuttelaar & Partners, every day I get to work with others and support them in moving towards a more sustainable agricultural system.