Contributions to biodiversity

Implementation of the commitment is reported annually. With the Make Grey Greener campaign which was launched in 2020, we have now reached millions of people. Due to this the percentage of people who know what biodiversity is and how they can contribute to more biodiversity has increased.

Involving citizens

With the Together for Biodiversity Innovation Fund, we supported 10 new biodiversity restoration projects in 2021. In these, citizens work together with land users to increase biodiversity in their environment. In early 2021, we launched the Aanvalsplan Landschapselementen, with the ambition of achieving at least 10% green-blue veining throughout the Netherlands. This plan was presented to Minister van der Wal (Nature & Nitrogen) in 2022.


Making biodiversity performance measurable and monitoring it is an important spearhead of the Delta Plan. Workshops on 'Critical performance indicators development for biodiversity' gave companies and governments insight into the possibilities of steering towards biodiversity restoration.

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