A solid basis 

Schuttelaar & Partners played a key role in supporting Oncode Accelerator with their communications approach - from strategy to execution. We worked on the creation of several communication products, including the visual identity, their website, an explainer animation, the kick-off event, and an online stakeholder magazine. The goal? To make Oncode Accelerator known as a mission-driven public-private partnership to a wide range of stakeholders in the oncology field: from healthcare providers to pharmaceutical companies, and from politicians to the patients themselves. 

The message counts 

Clear communication is one of the basic ingredients for achieving ambitions in a complex Life Sciences ecosystem. Especially when you need other parties to realize those ambitions. The communication products we created together with Oncode Accelerator contribute to spreading their message, attracting new, valuable partners, and streamlining communication between existing partners. In this way, we are proud to have contributed in some way to their mission: to innovate and accelerate the development of new cancer therapies to address unmet medical needs.