Bringing expertise together

These questions were the focal oint during the field consultation on AMR conducted by Schuttelaar & Partners for the preparation of ZonMw's new programme ( With this field consultation, ZonMw wanted to learn which goals and themes were considered most important by colleagues from the field. We brought together expertise from different areas to hear all about this multifaceted problem. The main conclusion is that we need to ensure that interventions which are effective in counteracting AMR are actually embedded in healthcare practice.

Thorough approach

During the field consultation, Schuttelaar & Partners focused on two objectives: 1) prioritising relevant themes and goals for the ZonMw programme and 2) identifying AMR-related opportunities and bottlenecks that fall outside the scope of the programme. We did this through interviews with 24 stakeholders, an open consultation round among 169 experts, and a stakeholder meeting with 44 participants. The stakeholders in the field consultation ranged from veterinarians to professors, and from nurses to policy advisors.

In a report, we summarised the themes and goals most important to the field and presented them to ZonMw. This report contributed to the design of ZonMw's programme text for the AMR3 programme. A good step towards adequate research in the Netherlands to combat this silent pandemic.