Sustainable dairy packs

The dairy carton is becoming increasingly more sustainable. For example, dairy packs are more often being made from natural raw materials and are designed with clever folding lines to allow the packs to be squeezed better and reduce food waste. Dairy pack manufacturers and the supermarket industry are actively working to make the dairy pack more sustainable.

Long-term campaign

The campaign has been a success for many years, partly due to the distinctive, sympathetic character "Pakman" that we developed and is used in all channels. Through this campaign, many consumers have already been informed about the sustainability of the dairy pack and what they themselves can contribute to food waste. In addition to broadcasting TV commercials and using social media, we are also bringing the campaign to the attention of children through squeeze pack competitions. This way we teach them that working towards a sustainable world can also be a lot of fun.


Take a look at the campagne of dairy pack 2020.