Transparency in the chain

Through this project we want to strengthen the position of organic rice farmers in the Cambodian village of Reaksmei. The blockchain application creates a transparent supply chain and contributes to fair payment for rice farmers so they can increase their standard of living. In this project, we are involved in both strategy development and implementation. As a start, we mapped the entire rice supply chain. This information is used as a blueprint for the blockchain application. We then developed the blockchain software.

Fair price for the farmer

All participants in the chain share relevant information about the steps in the chain; such as planting rice, transportation and storage, processing into rice cakes, and finally payments. This information is then processed in the blockchain application. The data can be entered and read by the chain players themselves via smartphone apps.

BlocRice helps farmers in Cambodia with fair payment. Farmers confirm whether they get the agreed price for their rice, whether they were paid on time, whether they can market what they offered, and whether other contract terms have been met. In this way, producers know exactly where the rice they buy comes from and whether farmers have been paid correctly according to their contract. The pilot project can be scaled up to other farmer cooperatives in the rice and other agri-food chains.