Development online environment KipUP

To provide farm visitors with immediate insights into the scores and potential areas for improvement right after conducting a KipUP measurement, Schuttelaar & Partners digitized the measurement method. Every farm visitor can log in through their own account and view or create measurements via a dashboard. The scores from six categories (housing, enrichment, behavior, feathers & skin, individual animals, and bird mite) are processed and visualized in a ‘web’ immediately after each measurement. Results, including comments, can also be printed and compared with previous measurements.

Branding KipUP & website development

The method focuses on increasing the welfare of laying hens, so the chicken needed to play a central role in the branding. The key words were fresh & modern, with a positive approach.

Schuttelaar & Partners chose the name KipUP for its international applicability, where ‘UP’ stands for positivity, improvement, and progress. In the final concept, we used bright colors, such as orange, pink, and blue - colors that stand out, especially in the poultry sector. The feathers in the background refer to the health of the chickens: the more beautiful the feather coat, the healthier the chicken!