In this project, we are involved in both strategy development and implementation. With the BlocRice project, we are committed to tackle the causes of risks in the supply chain. Amru Rice, ADIC and Oxfam Novib in Cambodia provide field training. In addition, we strengthen the position of the farmer in the supply chain through innovative technical applications based on blockchain principles.

Field trainings

The field trainings are aimed at improving farmers' yields and reducing costs. For example, training courses have been given on the use of organic compost, the cultivation of mung beans and the improvement of soil fertility. In addition, we worked together with the corporations to improve gender equality and to incorporate this into a multi-year plan.

BlocRice platform

To make the supply chain more transparent, applications have been developed to track the rice's journey. We have mapped out the entire rice chain as a basis. This information is used as a blueprint for a supply chain dashboard. We then developed an online platform. All supply chain partners are connected to the BlocRice platform and share data, such as the yield and shipped volumes. The farmer gains insight into the costs and yields of the rice and the consumer gains insight into the supply chain. With these applications, linked to the Susori data layer, the rice supply chain is becoming increasingly transparent.

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