Ruth de Jong

My childhood was in Bhutan and throughout my studies I enjoyed travelling and working together with people from different cultures. These international experiences have shaped me. Volunteering at an organic farm sparked my interest in the agricultural sector. As International supply chain consultant, I gain energy from connecting with people and working in interdisciplinary teams. I am convinced that open dialogue with all stakeholders is crucial to accelerate the transition to fair and sustainable supply chains.

About Ruth

After my studies on Business, Management and Organisation at Wageningen University, I continued research on the Dutch protein transition in the Netherlands. Thereafter I started at Schuttelaar where I support companies and coalitions with their sustainability ambitions. As I am agile with data, I can combine my people-oriented approach with data driven insights, with allows me to provide well-founded and widely supported solutions. Working with people from different countries gives me energy and I enjoy working together with my colleagues to make a difference.