Action guide for a living wage

Together with stakeholders, IDH has gathered rich knowledge for Step 4 of the Roadmap 'take action'. To support chain parties on their way to an economy with a living wage, this information had to be presented in a user-friendly, self-contained, inspiring and engaging form. We helped them with that.

From July 2022 to December 2022, we developed the online Action Guide Living Wage together with IDH. Building on the work of IDH, NewForesight and Ergon, this online guide provides best practices, case studies, industry differences and much more to support organizations on their journey towards a living wage.

Stakeholder sessions and formatting for connection and insight

Together with IDH, we held stakeholder sessions to map out the needs of potential users of the online Guide. Based on these sessions, we determined the format of the Guide. Since living wage is a complex topic, in which cooperation between different actors is central, we have chosen a format that clearly shows the interconnectedness between actors and interventions. The Guide presents different paths for actors to overcome challenges and implement interventions.

We developed the Guide with many feedback moments from the experts at IDH, but also with the companies and other stakeholders that will use the Guide. The Guide has been developed as a dynamic tool that can be supplemented with more information and case studies in the coming years. The tool is available in both English and Spanish with other languages ​​possible in the long-term.

''We are pleased that we have contributed to this theme and that we can support companies and other chain parties to achieve living wages in their supply chain.'' – Tijmen de Vries