The European uptake of sustainable, deforestation-free and conversion-free soy

The European Soy Monitor provides a detailed insight into the key trends and developments in the soy supply chain, including the percentage of certified soy. This year, we see a slight decrease in the percentage of sustainable soy to 40% in the European Union plus Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (EU27+). There are significant differences among individual countries, with Scandinavia and Northwest Europe in particular making substantial investments in sustainable soy. It is positive to see that a development is underway in other countries as well.

Our role

Since 2018, in collaboration with stakeholders, we have developed and refined the methodology to assess the percentage of sustainable, deforestation-free, and conversion-free soy. For the fourth consecutive year, we gathered and analyzed data from various databases, standards, and feed associations. Additionally, we conducted market trend analysis, which informed the content of the report. Our designers created a visually appealing report with informative infographics. Through close collaboration with relevant parties and country initiatives, we have developed a robust and insightful report.

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