Handy tool for veterinarians

Chicken Compass provides data to improve animal health and welfare on aspects such as red mites, foot pad lesions, pecking/cannibalism, breastbone damage and feathering of the birds. Schuttelaar & Partners received the request for advice and support in marketing Chicken Compass, aiming to get more vets to use it and subsequently improve animal welfare . In 2020, Schuttelaar & Partners contributed in engaging relevant stakeholders and advising on the organisational structure for a sound financial base for Chicken Compass, in order for this methodology to be further rolled out and connected to existing labels.

Further improving animal welfare

To further improve the user-friendliness of Chicken Compass, Schuttelaar & Partners has also developed a website and an app. This ensures that more vets, poultry farmers and other links in the chain are familiar with and use Chicken Compass, further enhancing the positive impact on animal welfare.