Inspiring stories

As the climate continues to evolve, farmers are faced with a myriad of challenges, leaving them with one big question: what can we do? Beyond the risks, what opportunities are available to transform and successfully continue our businesses?

We have decided to share a selection of inspiring stories in our magazine, featuring ten farmers who have made significant strides in climate adaptation. These farmers graciously invited us into their homes, sharing their innovative strategies over kitchen-table conversations. The resulting narratives, captured through intimate interviews and photographs, are stirring and motivational, offering significant insight to other farmers confronting similar challenges. 

Practical insights and examples

Every story concludes with a detailed account of the measures each farmer implemented. Beyond their inspiring stories, we provide concrete examples of adaptive practices. This inspirational resource offers easy-to-understand, impactful examples of adapting agricultural businesses to climate change for policymakers, DPRA working regions, rural coaches, landowners, and farmers alike. Our goal is to provide a blueprint for change, offering a beacon of hope and practical solutions for the farming community in these challenging times.