Promoting safe traffic 

The Hunters Association wants to bring this story to the attention of the wider public by connecting to a theme that appeals to people: traffic safety. At the request of the Hunter Association, we developed a creative concept that tells how hunters contribute to traffic safety through their work. We translated the creative concept into a website, flyers, social media content and bus shelters.  

Awareness, less (animal) suffering and sustainable meat 

On October 13, 2020, we launched the campaign "Daar Jagen Wij Voor" in close cooperation with the Hunters Association. The campaign shows how hunters contribute to increasing road safety, decreasing animal suffering, and decreasing damage. The campaign includes a special game-meat croquette campaign, posters in bus shelters, a social media campaign and school visits. In cooperation with the Hunters Association, we also took care of the national PR at the start of the campaign. This generated a lot of media attention. 

By creating support for the work of hunters in the Netherlands, we contribute to awareness about wildlife collisions and less animal suffering. In addition, we offer a sustainable, artisanal game-meat croquette to the participating municipalities. This croquette is made from the game that was shot, ensuring good quality food is put to use instead of being discarded. 

Visit the website we developed for this campaign!