News 21 April 2023

Novel protein from water lentils considered safe for human consumption

This week EFSA has published their positive decision that protein from water lentils (duckweed) as novel food is considered safe for human consumption. Another procedure follows for legal authorization at the EC.

Steps for the protein transition

From 2018 Schuttelaar & Partners supported with preparing and submitting the novel food dossier, performing intake assessments, searching for scientific literature, advising the set-up of laboratory studies, developing the strategy and the communication to EFSA and EC. With this positive EFSA opinion, a new protein will be available which contributes to the protein transition.

Why protein from water lentils?

The growing world population puts great pressure on the need for plant proteins. Not only do we want to eat healthier food; much more must be produced if we want to meet our future food demand. Preferably as sustainably as possible. The amount of land and water needed for this are important weighing factors in this and partly responsible for the ecological footprint of a product. We therefore aim for the highest possible protein yield per square meter of land. Water lentils score very well on that matter. That makes the crop so promising.

Furthermore, water lentils contain a high content of essential amino acids. The amino acid profile is similar to animal proteins such as whey and egg. Therefore, proteins from water lentils are a very high-quality ingredient and can soon be applied to make products more nutritious and increase protein content. Examples include Dietary supplements, drinks, sports bars and bakery products.

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Source: Rubisco Food