Strategic Consultant

Marjolein van der Spiegel

The transition to a more sustainable food system requires the availability of new food ingredients like alternative protein sources. Many innovative companies are developing new food products that first have to deal with the novel food regulation. I am convinced that we can accelerate the market introduction of new sustainable proteins and other food ingredients by helping these food companies with the novel food procedure and drafting their scientific novel food dossier to prove food safety.

About Marjolein

During my career, I have been involved in identifying emerging risks, food safety management, assessing dossiers, drafting a novel food guidance, and writing many publications about safety of innovative foods. With a background as a food technologist (PhD), I enjoy supporting food companies with the authorisation of their novel foods by drafting and submission of novel food dossiers, advising on their filing strategy, and assisting in the communication with authorities. I am proud to be currently involved with 20 safety dossiers for new sustainable food ingredients.