Paul Einerhand

At S&P I grew from an intern to a specialist, and I developed a big interest in a particular field; short chain fishery and the local fishing industry. I have always been closely connected to The Hague and Scheveningen and I am happy that I can contribute to the city. With one leg in the office of S&P and the other leg in the fishing industry of Scheveningen I am in my comfort zone.

About Paul

I finished my bachelor at The Hague University of Applied Science with a specialization in marketing. But I am prouder of the things I achieved during my career at S&P. As community manager of the project Noordzeevis uit Scheveningen we developed and connected a sector-wide network, and we established a well-known brand. We also wrote, developed, and published three cooking books about the subject. Next to this I am also interested in photography, videography, and editing.

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