Strategic Consultant

Maud Theelen

My personal mission is to make knowledge about nutrition and health understandable for both consumers and companies, in order to improve our quality of life. With this goal in mind, I translate scientific knowledge, consumer and stakeholder insights about nutrition and health into practical and market-oriented solutions.

About Maud

As a strategic advisor Nutrition & Health, I am enthusiastic, curious and up-to-date on nutrition science, food trends among consumers, (societal) stakeholder views and the food industry as such. In my job, I preferably use my expertise to give strategic communication/ public affairs advice for the food industry. My expertise is to bring the outside world in, and the inside world out. For example, by being seconded as a corporate communication manager, organisation and/ or moderation of (online) stakeholder/ expert events or offering brand support on social issues. I graduated as a nutritionist from the Wageningen University and Research.