Strategic Consultant

Annemiek van de Mast

No matter how complex the matter is, I believe there is always a way to convey the message well: impactful, memorable, with results. From my focus on strategy and content I come up with integrated communication solutions that fit what is needed and meet the needs of the target group. My main motivation? Ensuring there is a real connection at all various levels: between content and medium, between message and recipient, between me, our S&P team and clients.

About Annemiek

Communication is the common thread in my career: from brand activation, advertising, digital marketing to (multimedia) events, and everything in between. My role evolved from project and account manager to program maker and strategic consultant. My view is open, my natural attitude positive and curious about more, in breadth and in depth. I think and work from creative concepts, with a sharp eye for translating into concrete and executable plans. It is with great love and pleasure I use these skills meaningfully, for a more sustainable and healthy world.