Annabel de Wit

I strive to reframe problems as opportunities, and where can more opportunities be found than in the field of energy transition? Making a meaningful contribution with a positive outlook is my starting point, that way our work is not only impactful but also contagious and motivating. From participatory to strategic issues, I like to look at things with fresh perspectives and dare to ask questions with the goal of a healthier and more sustainable world for us all.

About Annabel

Within my broad background in political science and linguistics as well as history and international relations, themes such as climate and sustainability have always been the common denominator. Specifically, my master's specialisation in Environmental Governance has instilled in me a sensitivity on environmental policy that I apply daily in my work. With my broad background, I am both practised in seeking the right nuance and merging diverse disciplines. Moreover, with my theatre background, I bring with me a strong sense of storytelling and the necessary presentation skills.