News 24 April 2023

Make cycling in Amsterdam safer

The Bicycle Innovation Lab has launched a competition to improve the safety of cyclers in Amsterdam. At Schuttelaar & Partners we strive for a healthy environment, without accidents. A team of young campaign makers got to work: vote to help us make Amsterdam a safer space!

Swinging car doors 

Amsterdam presents itself internationally as the cycling capital of the world. However, a cyclist is not always safe in traffic. For example, 25% of the injuries to cyclists in Amsterdam involve a car door. Although it is always taught in driving lessons to look over your shoulder when opening your door, this is too often forgotten. Matthias, Veerle, and Jannick hope to raise awareness among drivers and passengers through a campaign to reduce injuries and create a safer cycling environment in Amsterdam.  

Awareness campaign 

"Open your door and take a look, ensure no cyclists are mistook" is the slogan for the awareness campaign by the campaing team. Through social media and posters aimed at drivers, they want to use illustrations and animations to show the effects of opening your car door, and teach other behaviors through the Dutch Reach (opening the left door with your right hand, so you automatically look back, and vice versa).

Do you like this idea?

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