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Holland Bioplastics

Most plastics we use are synthetic and developed from oil. However, for several years now, industrial leaders have been bringing products made from vegetable materials to the market. Schuttelaar & Partners helps Holland Bioplastics, the Dutch trade association of manufacturers of biomaterials such as polylactic acid, to promote the use of bioplastics.

Free distribution of biodegradable plastic bags

Many officials and politicians are still unfamiliar with biodegradable plastics. The Dutch government was working to ban the free distribution of plastic bags, even biodegradable ones. However, biodegradable plastic bags can greatly help to separate organic from other waste and therefore saves municipalities a lot of money.

Our approach

Schuttelaar & Partners helped Bioplastics set up meetings with a variety of stakeholders to inform them about the outcomes of the ban on free plastic bags in other European countries. Therefore, S&P developed a position paper and supported Bioplastics in an online consultation related to the upcoming Dutch legislation on the free distribution of plastic bags.

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