Materiality analysis

We started by facilitating a working group consisting of various stakeholders and employees from different disciplines. Together, we drew up a longlist of material topics. The longlist was then presented to both internal and external stakeholders. They ranked the topics, resulting in a shortlist. Together with the project team, we validated the shortlist again with stakeholders.

Sustainability agenda

The shortlist of material topics formed the basis for drafting a concrete sustainability agenda for Primeale United. We identified two pillars, Healthy Earth and Happy People. For each pillar, we set measurable targets and KPIs and linked them to concrete work streams.

Communication and visualisation

After concretising the sustainability strategy, it remains important to communicate with internal and external stakeholders. We therefore developed a new sustainability page, a visualised value chain and a new brochure to highlight Primeale United's progress and commitment to sustainability. 

With this, Primeale United has made a flying start in terms of professionalising their sustainability goals. We are proud to have been able to guide them, from stakeholder engagement, to goals setting and strategy development.