Coffee fruit pectin as a sustainable soluble fibre source 

Due to the achievement of the Self-Affirmed GRAS status, a new sustainable soluble fiber source is available for the North American market. The coffee fruits used to produce Dutch Gum® are obtained from cultivated Coffea arabica coffee trees that are currently only used for green coffee bean production. After harvesting the fruit, coffee beans and coffee pulp are separated, valorising a considerable side stream from the coffee industry. CO2 emissions and environmental pollution are cut by recognizing coffee pulp as a valuable resource, while an additional revenue stream for coffee farmers is also created. 

Advice for Self-Affirmed GRAS application 

We supported PectCof with preparing the GRAS application by developing the filing strategy, performing intake assessments, searching for scientific literature, advising the set-up of laboratory studies and writing the application text. After submission we supported with providing additional information and answering questions of the Expert Panel. 

Support for admission in North America

In February 2024 the Expert Panel decided that Dutch Gum® is Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). With this Self-Affirmed GRAS status, PectCof can enter the North American market. The ingredient can be used in several food products such as dairy and meat substitutes, confectionary, gluten-free bakery, beverages, condiments and plant based protein products. 

We also support PectCof with the authorisation procedure of Dutch Gum® as a Food Additive for the European Union market according to Regulation (EC) No 1331/2008.