News 23 May 2023

Raising awareness about mental health during European Mental Health Week

The mental health of many people, including adolescents and young adults, is under pressure. Mental health and resilience are important conditions for healthy living. During European Mental Health Week, we as a company reflect on the importance of social, emotional and psychological well-being.

Raising awareness and creating a safe environment

This week we want to raise awareness of mental health and create an environment where mental health is a focus point. We do this because we are convinced that the topic is important for everyone. In addition to activities such as yoga classes in our 3 offices, a new policy has been presented whereby it is possible for our colleagues to consult a licensed psychologist in an accessible way. For something small or big, private or work-related. 

We also emphasize this week that everyone can and may be themselves at work. Everyone is different, has different ways of working and deals with problems differently. We encourage a culture where it is okay to be who you are and talk about challenges, pitfalls and insecurities.   

Let's open up and create an inclusive culture together!

Mental Health Podcast

In this podcast, our colleagues dive into the consequences of the pandemic, including the challenges and opportunities for our mental health. Colleague Joyce Pepe explains how we at Schuttelaar are working on the topic and what actions are needed to counter this 'silent pandemic'.

Listen to the podcast here!