Fewer crop failures

With this tailor-made weather dashboard, Primeale United can keep an eye on what is happening on the plot in Africa from the Netherlands. They can also set automated alerts on various parameters and weather forecasts. This allows them to provide more targeted guidance and support to the people in the field and timely action can be taken. In this way, the percentage of failed or rejected harvests can be reduced.

Primeale United (at the time VanOers United) had a previously developed dashboard with which they could monitor the weather conditions. There was also a separate dashboard for the data from the sensors on location. The wish was to link both dashboards and to provide a technical update.

We have developed wireframes and based on these, we have discussed with Primeale United at how their extensive wishes could fit within the available budget.

The result is a web application that works in browsers, so that graphs can be displayed large when necessary, but can also be consulted on mobile devices.

Personal dashboard

Users can create a personalized dashboard, with individual parameters or composite charts, so they can see the most relevant information at a glance.

Automatic alerts

Users can set up email alerts for various parameters. This may, for example, involve exceeding a limit value during a certain period. The users can determine the period and limit values themselves. A simple example is an alert if temperatures of 30 °C or more are predicted at a certain location for five days in a row. Situations in which sensors do not provide data can also be monitored in this way, something that was not possible before.

The created alerts can also be shared with other users, so that not every user has to create the same alerts.

For longer-term decisions, it is possible to export 10-year reports to investigate the suitability of a possible new area, or a new crop in an existing area.