Senior Managing Consultant

Sake van der Meulen

The food and agri-sector is one of the most fundamental sectors of our society, it is however clear that the way it currently operates is not sustainable. My passion for food (and cooking) and sustainability (in the broadest sense of the word), pragmatic approach and technical knowledge make that I love working together to bring you and your companies – and the sector as a whole – further on your sustainability journey. Because each step in the right direction counts!

About Sake

Due to my legal background I know how to translate complex laws and regulations into concrete and actionable plans with which you can get to work immediately. Even though (European) legislation is needed, they remain a means, not an end. The goal is clear: a more sustainable world, for us and for future generations. That’s why I’m eager to brainstorm together on how the laws and regulations can play a strategic and/or transformative role in your company. This way, sustainability is not only a challenge but above all an opportunity!