Strategic Consultant

Ricardo van der Valk

As a true 'midfielder', I have been 'in between' all my life. Always looking for connection. Between the various worlds, with their own superficial quirks and unwritten rules. And subsequently, how do you bridge the gap between the general and individual interests, government and business, science and practice? Curiosity and interest in the story of 'the other' are always the basis for me.

About Ricardo

Ever since I started talking and reading, I have been addicted to understanding human behavior. After studying Economic Psychology, this shifted towards consumer decision-making behavior and communication in the broadest sense. From marketing research and advertising to the use of behavioral influence on social issues. I worked in both commercial businesses (Institute for Psychological Market Research and Blauw Research) as for governmental organisations (DPC, Academy for Government Communication). At Schuttelaar and partners I use my knowledge, extensive 20 years of experience and, above all, my enthusiasm as a Participation and Behavioral Change strategist.