Senior Designer

Diëlle van Dijk

‘Turn words into an image and feeling, and tell a story with a message.’ As a designer with a curious mind, I like to help discovering the underlying message from an assignment or problem and translating it into a strong creation. This way, we can learn people something new and help to achieve goals – together.

About Diëlle

With my knowledge of and experience in different kind of industries and various projects, there’s a lot of questions I can help you with. From the love for book prints, a new identity, to digital resources and user-friendliness. Everywhere I am, I enjoy the places around me. Wandering around with all my senses alert, taking in all the beauty the world has to offer. An experience I also try to include in my designs. ‘Making this world a little bit more beautiful’ is something I can achieve in various way at Schuttelaar. 

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