News 14 February 2023

Starting the campagne 'Smoke Free Start'

Did you know that the percentage of women who smoke during pregnancy (7.7%) has not decreased in recent years? Due to the risks and health damage caused by tobacco smoke, there are children who literally see their dreams go up in smoke. That has to change.

Attention for a Smoke-Free Start

Last week, Smoke Free Start (Rookvrije Start) launched the campaign #zorgvooreenrookvrijstart, aimed at all healthcare providers involved in pregnancy and the growing child. The message of this campaign is clear: healthcare providers can make the difference for a smoke-free start for every child.

The campaign underlines the urgency of the harmful consequences of second-hand smoke for (unborn) babies and growing children. Above all, care providers are provided with tools and perspectives for action with which they can take up their role by successfully referring (future) parents to specialized smoking cessation care.

Campaign set-up and execution

We helped the Trimbos Institute with the design and implementation of this special campaign. We are proud of how we can use creative communication for a healthy world!

Curious about the campaign? Take a look at and follow Smoke Free Start on LinkedIn en Twitter

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