Marcel Schuttelaar

It has been my mission for forty years to accelerate the sustainability of our planet. In 1995 I founded Schuttelaar & Partners to commercialize the transition to a sustainable and healthy society. For example in products, but also in companies and organisations. To make these changing a lasting success, both in business and policy.

About Marcel

Raised in a retail family, hard work in the agri-food sector has been my passion from an early age. After my study Human Nutrition at WUR, I worked for 15 years at the ‘Milieudefensie Vereniging’ and the ‘Consumentenbond’. We were already working on topics such as food, the environment and the third world. Among other things, with dozens of successful consumer campaigns. Now I get the most energy from coaching green entrepreneurs and the successes they achieve. In addition, as a founding partner in the Healthy World Cooperation, I mainly carry out strategic projects and write a column every month.

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