Joëlle de Pee

As a Food Transition Consultant, I am committed to the development of a sustainable and resilient agricultural sector. Together with my team, we face the challenge of fostering greater harmony within the current agricultural system, balancing the needs of humans, animals, and the environment, while simultaneously strengthening the position of farmers. In this role, I cherish my ambition to contribute to the creation of a sustainable food system that addresses contemporary challenges.

About Joëlle

I have an agricultural background through my studies in Animal Husbandry and the master's program in Global and Sustainable Animal Production at Wageningen University. Before joining Schuttelaar & Partners, I collaborated extensively with farmers on the theme of sustainable soil management based on the principles of regenerative agriculture. Bringing both practical knowledge and understanding of the stakeholder landscape, I have been working at Schuttelaar & Partners to support our clients within the agricultural sector, with a specific focus on the dairy industry.