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Life sciences and health

How do we induce our youth to live healthy? How do we galvanize people to adopt a healthy lifestyle? How do we reduce the health gap between the rich and the poor? How do we work towards living longer, whilst guaranteeing the quality of life, including in the older age? These questions occupy the consultants at Schuttelaar & Partners on a daily basis. We strongly believe in the power of prevention and importance of innovative technology in creating healthy society.

An healthy environment for youth and elderly

Even though life expectancy in Europe continues to rise, healthy ageing remains a challenge. The amount of years during which seniors struggle with chronic illnesses or are in need of a full-time assistance is rapidly increasing. Additionally, the growing discrepancy in the numbers of rich and poor citizens shows this trend can be exacerbated. Aside from genetics and environment, lifestyle plays an important role in the health of individuals. All these factors constitute the complex working field which also include  many actors, challenges and diverging interests.


Prevention is better than  cure. But how do we help individuals make healthy choices? What is the role of individuals’ background? As experts in the field of life sciences and health, we are involved in initiatives, programmes and organisations, focussing on improving peoples’ health and quality of life. We do this on different levels and for different target groups for example by promoting mental health in the office space.


At the same time, we believe that technological innovations have a great impact on health. New breakthroughs in the medical research widen the chances for recovery and having a good quality of life. Also, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are becoming increasingly embedded in the healthcare sector. Examples include telemedicine and mobile apps, monitoring developments of peoples’ health. There is a wide range of tools that both patients and healthcare professionals can and should use. However, it is not always easy to determine the added value of these tools. This issue is accompanied with the lack of sufficient support for the implementation of the latest solutions, regardless of the organizational size and resources. That is when the experts of Schuttelaar & Partners come in. We know how to deal with these challenges. By combining in-depth knowledge of the working field with a proven expertise in communications, we make the difference for our clients from both public and private sector.

Raise political awareness for blood disorders

An estimated 80 million people suffer from one or more blood disorders in the European Union at any time. Regrettably, among them about 115,000 patients die each year. The age-adjusted mortality of all blood cancers combined ranks third after lung cancer and colorectal cancer in the European Economic Area. Tragically, they are most prevalent among some of the most vulnerable groups: children and the aging.

The European Hematology Association (EHA) promotes excellence in patient care, education and research in the field of Hematology. The EHA has more than 4000 members worldwide. In order to represent and advocate at the EU level the interests of haematologists and patients suffering from blood disorders, EHA asked Schuttelaar & Partners to help them increase their visibility.

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International pharmaceutical company

The digital revolution is causing a profound shift in how pharmaceutical companies communicate with their stakeholders, including patients. Their roles in the healthcare sector are changing and close collaboration is necessary to reach common goals. Fostering a two-way dialogue with your stakeholders is becoming of ever greater importance. Social media creates opportunities to actively listen, communicate and engage with your stakeholders to establish long term relationships. 

We support our clients in optimizing their accessibility and potential reach through social media campaigns. This includes online stakeholder analysis, social engagement strategy, web and content development, conversation management and staff trainings. Our client currently has three active social media platforms, used to engage individuals and organizations’ profiles in online conversations. 

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