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Good food

Healthy food produced in a sustainable manner with respect for people, animals and the environment and which is sold at a reasonable price. That is what fair food means for Schuttelaar & Partners. And through our advices we are happy to contribute to its development.

Healthy for people, animals and the environment

Sustainability and health are the key words when it comes to responsible nutrition. Together with our clients we work on making food more healthy, and making this food available to all. We accomplish this with honest communications, clear and fully transparent. Healthy food is often also sustainable food. Think for example about vegetal products such as legumes, nuts or fruits and vegetables. However, this is not always the case. Fish, for example, is very healthy but increasingly scarce. Sustainable food is produced in an animal and nature-friendly manner, with as little straining processing as possible and with fair labour standards for employees. When packaged, this should preferably be done in accordance with the circular economy.


There are multiple roads to healthy and sustainable food. Schuttelaar & Partners helps clients move forward by giving direction, by making complex processes clear, by involving stakeholders and by presenting previous achievements in an appealing manner. We do this driven by our mission and vision, and have a personal passion for fair food.



Healthier food for Europe

In the Netherlands, many stakeholders in the food supply chain join forces to produce healthier food. The Dutch Ministry of Health aims for more European agreements on a healthier food supply. Schuttelaar & Partners mapped initiatives of other EU Member States on healthier food – mainly on logos and statutory arrangements for product improvement – and compared their nutritional criteria and targets. 

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